Monday, September 26, 2011

The GUI Evolution

There is a GUI [goo-ee] evolution. The days of the drab, functional user interface are over. Efficiency aand performance are still critical, but the aesthetics and user experience are increasingly important system requirements.

Who says that a business software application needs to have a cold institutional look and feel? Users have experienced the explosion of mobile apps. Now the notion of how a business application should look and feel has changed dramatically. Like other well designed products, form and function yield a better business software application.

Treeno Software was on the leading edge of web browser-based app development in 2002 when Treeno Document Management Server was introduced. The fact that the application could do the things it did using a web browser gained wide support. Everybody loved the Treeno GUI for its functionality and simplicity. But as the web became ubiquitous, and mobile apps proliferated, Treeno continued to raise the bar on performance – and the user experience.

Always listening, Treeno continues to innovate. High-performance document management is not enough. Treeno is extending the simple functionality that our customers have come to enjoy and expect with a fresh new look and feel. Look for Treeno Document Management 4.0 in early 2012 – an evolution in intelligence and beauty.

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