Friday, November 4, 2011

A Big Tip for Restaurants

Restaurant chains and management groups are searching for proven ways to automate the paper-intensive accounts payable management process. They’re looking for greater efficiency, cost reductions and maximum per unit profitability.

There are challenges:
• The restaurant units may be geographically distributed.
• Purchasing is performed by the restaurant manager at the unit level.
• Invoices are delivered to the local restaurant.
• A.P. is centralized at the corporate headquarters.

It’s also important that systems be simple and fast at each restaurant’s location. We know managers have time constraints and, oftentimes, basic computer and scanning equipment.

Get a document management system that automates the constant flow of AP paperwork. One that is flexible enough to handle email attachments, digital fax copies and paper scans. Depending on your corporate IT preferences, it should be able operate on a local server or as a cloud solution.

Here’s your big tip: The Treeno Document Management system is designed for all that and more. We know the challenges restaurant groups face. And there are a lot of them who will confirm how easy we make it.

So, if you are facing piles of invoices and looking to streamline your restaurants’ operations, consider the benefits of AP process automation with Treeno.

Surely, that tip’s worth more than 20%.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strong Advocates for the Managed Print Services Industry

This week Treeno Software became the newest member of the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA). The MPSA is an independent, not-for-profit organization that serves the emerging MPS industry. We’re happy to participate in this important segment of our industry – to share our expertise and to learn from others.

“We have been involved with MPS since the deployment of the first Treeno Document Management system in 2002,” said Steve Tentindo, president and CEO of Treeno. “Our reseller partners frequently provide MPS to their clients. In fact, one of our partners describes the combination of MPS and document management as a top-down and bottom-up approach to efficiently managing information,” said Tentindo.

At Treeno, we see managed print services as a natural component of document, content and workflow management. As an MPSA member, we expect to benefit from opportunities for education, best practices and understanding the trends in MPS.

“We believe the MPSA is a valuable resource for everyone involved with MPS and document management,” said Tentindo. “We hope to contribute our knowledge of EDM and workflow management as an important component of a comprehensive MPS solution.”

We appreciate the welcome from the P4P Hotel!

If you’re looking for info on MPSA, visit, or contact Joe Barganier, President, Managed Print Services Association at

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Streamlining Your Business with Rapid Archiving

Your filing cabinets are full and the file room just can’t hold one more cabinet or storage box. The monthly document storage facility fees and retrieval costs are starting to add up. Employees are spending too much time filing paper and searching through filing cabinets. You are concerned about a disaster jeopardizing the safety and security of your important files. Sound familiar?

What if you could quickly and efficiently turn all your paper documents into electronic files that are easily accessed from a single, secure repository? Think of the benefits:

• Faster customer response
• Improved business operations
• Peace of mind
• Better employee morale

It’s remarkably simple to get there. Treeno’s Rapid Document Archive system is designed to get you online quickly. Many of our customers have used it to turn mountains of paperwork into streamlined information.

The Treeno Document Management system prints a barcode that automatically routes a scanned document file to a specific searchable folder. It’s really that easy. As files are scanned the Treeno system recognizes the barcode and stores them exactly where you want them.

If your staff is time challenged, Treeno or our partners can manage the entire process from start to finish. We promise it’s easy. You may even choose to have interns or temporary employees help you to complete your back filing process.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The GUI Evolution

There is a GUI [goo-ee] evolution. The days of the drab, functional user interface are over. Efficiency aand performance are still critical, but the aesthetics and user experience are increasingly important system requirements.

Who says that a business software application needs to have a cold institutional look and feel? Users have experienced the explosion of mobile apps. Now the notion of how a business application should look and feel has changed dramatically. Like other well designed products, form and function yield a better business software application.

Treeno Software was on the leading edge of web browser-based app development in 2002 when Treeno Document Management Server was introduced. The fact that the application could do the things it did using a web browser gained wide support. Everybody loved the Treeno GUI for its functionality and simplicity. But as the web became ubiquitous, and mobile apps proliferated, Treeno continued to raise the bar on performance – and the user experience.

Always listening, Treeno continues to innovate. High-performance document management is not enough. Treeno is extending the simple functionality that our customers have come to enjoy and expect with a fresh new look and feel. Look for Treeno Document Management 4.0 in early 2012 – an evolution in intelligence and beauty.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Document Management Without Integration is Only Half of the Solution

Document management without integration is only half of the solution. What this statement implies is that the need for a document management solution is frequently driven by the volume of documents required for a given business process. The business process usually includes the use of another existing business application such as accounting, ERP, CRM or even a homegrown industry specific app. The goal of the document management system is to better manage all the documents associated with the entire business process.

The integration of the existing business application with a document management system like Treeno Document Management creates one seamless application that makes it easier for the end user to perform their daily tasks. The integration avoids making the end user learn a new application and having to work with both applications independently. The results are rapid adoption by the end user community, increased productivity and a rapid Return-on- Investment (ROI).

An example is an accounting department. An Accounts Payable department employee receives a call from a vendor with a question about an invoice. The AP employee opens the accounting or ERP application to the screen containing the invoice and vendor information. In order to see the invoice in question the accounting employee simply clicks the “Search” button which brings the invoice up on their computer screen. The integrated solution provides one click document or file indexing, storage and retrieval.

So as you plan and execute your document management project consider the benefits of integration because when Treeno end users understand how they will benefit from an integrated document management solution their response is, “That is exactly what we are looking for.”

Monday, August 22, 2011

Data Ownership in the Document Management Cloud

In a recent article posted on CRN by Andrew R. Hickey, entitled, Cloud Data Ownership: 'Onus Is On Cloud Providers' , Hickey raises a topic that should be top of mind for organizations considering a document management cloud solution like the Treeno Document Management Cloud. Who owns the data?

The data is, without doubt, owned by the company or organization that places the data on the cloud application for safe keeping by the document management cloud provider.

As with any business relationship it is a good practice to understand what will happen to your data if the relationship is ever severed either amicably or under stress.

Here are three important points when considering a cloud solution:
• The terms and conditions of access to the data now and in the future are clearly articulated in the license or use agreement provided by the document management cloud provider.
• A document management cloud solution has technology built in that allows an end user with the proper authorization to download all their data, or a subset of their data, without the technical assistance or professional services of the document management cloud provider.
• If the time to return of your data is stipulated by the document management cloud provider, make certain that it meets your organizations requirements.

Make these requirements part of your document management cloud provider selection process and you will avoid a “data hostage crisis” in the future.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8 Ways Global Content Management Makes It Easy for the Legal Community

With a keen eye on increasing billable hours, law firms of all types and sizes are constantly searching for ways to improve operational efficiency and automate time consuming administrative tasks. A typical law firm processes tens of thousands of physical documents each year including pleadings, motions, contracts, wills, trusts, leases, evidence files, and deposition transcripts. The majority of this information is handled through inefficient, manual processes due to the notion that an electronic and automated system is costly, disruptive to existing workflow processes, and difficult to use.

The requirement is for an easy-to-use yet powerful system that enables lawyers, paralegals, law clerks, business partners, and remote workers to store, access, share, and manage critical electronic and paper-based content across a broad range of functions, departments and locations. In today’s global legal environment, this type of system is quickly becoming a catalyst for achieving optimized business processes.

Introducing TreenoGCM™

TreenoGCM is an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful integrated content, document and workflow management system that enables law firms to capture, organize and share any type of digital or paper-based document within a secure, central repository. System deployment is effortless, document retrieval is instant, integration with existing applications is seamless and the Treeno system can scale to support as few or as many enterprise users as your firm requires.

TreenoGCM empowers you to improve your competitive advantage and client service quality through streamlined operations, improved information access, reduced costs, and simplified compliance preparation—ultimately, increasing your billable hours.

Transform your law firm without disruption to employees

Deploying and operating a global content management system should be as simple and effortless as using familiar line-of-business applications while existing workflow processes remain intact. TreenoGCM’s powerful and robust feature set, in conjunction with integrated collaboration and business process management capabilities will enable your firm to improve operational efficiency and productivity without changing the way your employees do business. Documents are routed quickly and accurately through each step of your business process.

Integration with your existing systems is a snap

The unique flexibility of the Treeno architecture promotes seamless integration with virtually any existing productivity application or system including Legal Files™, ensuring quick user adoption, minimal training efforts and streamlined, 24/7 access to content.

Critical client information is always available – anytime and from anyplace

TreenoGCM enables your lawyers, clerks and paralegals to gain instant access to critical documents and files 24/7, regardless of their physical location. Documents are effortlessly scanned the first time they are handled and images of documents are immediately made available to secure, authorized users via the TreenoGCM system. And with Treeno‘s highly secure electronic versions, documents never get lost.

Ensure document integrity and security

Law firms need the ability to easily track and control client sensitive information. TreenoGCM stores all of your firm’s most critical content in a highly secure repository and includes comprehensive audit trail capabilities such as task date/time stamp, task originator/description, and related document activities such as who worked on/reviewed the document. Treeno customers can virtually eliminate any possibility that documents stored in their system will be altered without detection, ensuring undisputed authenticity of records. And, integrated notification capabilities inform users when relevant content within the repository is updated.

Insurance organizations rely on TreenoGCM to:

  • Increase billable hours and improve client service quality
  • Streamline the process of retrieving and distributing essential information
  • Provide simultaneous access to client information
  • Improve operational efficiency with minimal disruption
  • Improve information security and document integrity
  • Enable productivity tracking and accountability, ensuring turnaround requirements are always met
  • Streamline compliance driven documentation requirements
  • Reduce paper, paper storage, photocopying, and faxing costs

Law firms around the world are improving client service quality and increasing billable hours with TreenoGCM. To learn more about how Treeno can help your organization, call us at 1-800-528-5005 or visit us on the Web at