Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey IT Directors! Want To Avoid That Queezy Feeling?

As a former IT director certain questions would make me wonder if I were implementing the software solutions my company needed. Answer the following questions and if you begin to feel a little queezy its time to consider a content management solution.

1. How often is a document created for just the author’s to use?
2. Can each member of your organization quickly find and access documents created by any other member? Yes No
3. If not, how long does a document search take?
4. How often does your staff engage in document searches?
5. Are key documents ever misplaced or lost? Yes No
What happens?
6. Do you have a document repository or central storage location? Yes No
7. Do you have a single point of access to your document repository so that a single query will find all required documents regardless of location, format, and application? Yes No
8. Can you control who can see a document? What parts? Who can edit documents? Who can delete documents? Yes No
9. Are you subject to government regulation or audit? Yes No
10. Is compliance or security of your documents a concern for you? Yes No
11. Do you have a detailed audit trail of every action taken by every user on your system with respect to every document in your repository? Yes No
12. Does anyone ever need to securely access documents from outside the organization?
Yes No
13. Is there ever any question as to which copy of a document is the original version? Yes No
14. Do you know what files are obsolete? Yes No
15. Do obsolete files consume space and requiring nightly backup? Yes No
16. Are documents consistently labeled and stored? Yes No
17. Is your customer’s or client’s name easily associated with a file name? Yes No
18. Can you call up a list of documents and easily understand the nature of each document?
Yes No
19. Can you quickly create a list of documents related to a specific subject or author? Yes No
20. Can you quickly locate any document by a single word or phrase? Yes No
21. Can you easily gather together documents that are physically dispersed throughout your network or organization? Yes No
22. Have people ever taken the same document home over night, only to cancel out each others' changes on the next morning? Yes No
23. Do you have business processes that are frequently repeated? Yes No
24. Are copies of your paper files kept on site or in another safe and secure location? Yes No
25. Has anyone ever promised to email a copy of a document to you and you never received it? Yes No

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Outlook Email Drag and Drop to the Treeno Integrator Tool

Treeno allows a user to store email documents within a folder. An example of this is when a user will store all emails specific to a client or vendor to the folder within Treeno. When storing an email at the client level as an email document type, the user will be able to have each email automatically tagged by the mailed to, mailed from, subject, date, cc, and bcc with a fillable field(s) for further description. When searching within a folder, Treeno offers a powerful filtering and sorting tool to expedite the retrieval process.

The benefit of storing emails at a central repository is to reduce the siloed business content and mitigate the risk of missing information. It also reduces overhead associated with moving, backing up and storing multiple versions of the same email in multiple accounts. Treeno can mitigate risk, reduce overhead associated with the forwarding of information as well as reduce your email storage overhead.

How to bring an email into Treeno by dragging and dropping to the Treeno Integrator Tool:

1. User will drag the highlighted email to the index button on the Treeno Integration Tool

When Treeno has integrated to a line of business application the integrated folder will automatically be retrieved. User can either drop to the integrated folder or choose another cabinet and folder. Selected folder is highlighted. User can search for an existing or create a new folder if needed.

2. When the user adds the email document type, the file will automatically be populated by the mailed to, mailed from, Subject, date, cc, bcc.

3. User fills in the definable field(s) if appropriate and clicks the above add button to add the document with the folder

4. The user will click on the check-in button and the file will be automatically copied into the desired folder.

Treeno Outlook Check-in
Users can check in a single email or multiple emails into an email cabinet where they can be saved automatically by the mailed to, mailed from, subject, cc, and bcc. User definable fields can also be added. When bringing in multiple emails at the same time, the user definable field will be populated across all copies automatically.

1. The user selects the email or emails

2. User selects the email cabinet

3. User identifies descriptive field if appropriate

4. Treeno automatically populates the grayed in values

5. User selects check- to automatically copy or move the email

Email stored in email cabinet by the description field(s), mailed to, mailed from, subject, date, cc, and bcc.

User can query on any of these values to retrieve the copy of the email file.

To learn more about how Treeno can help your organization, call us at 1-800-528-5005 (U.S. & Canada), 1-603-570-4317 (outside of U.S. and Canada) or visit us on the Web at http://www.treenosoftware.com/
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Company Saves 95% Of Its Paper Use

The human resources management industry literally generates piles of paper documents on a daily basis, from job applications to 401(k) forms. Employease found that its team of customer service managers was struggling to find the documents they needed, when they needed them. “Our business model just wasn’t scaling well,” recalls Jody Brown, manager, internal systems group for Employease. “With multiple people across multiple teams working on or trying to access the same document, people were losing things or duplicating efforts.” The company needed a powerful yet simple solution to enable search and retrieve actions while tracking, monitoring and securing sensitive information on clients’ employees. “Our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) group came to me with concerns. Their question was, “How can we take information delivered to us by e-mail, fax, phone and mail and set up a workflow so it all goes to the same place?’” Brown says.
Employease chose Treeno, a Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based software company specializing in easy-to-use yet extremely powerful Content Management (ECM) software solutions that combine integrated document management, business process management, records management, and more in a single easy-to-use application. While many of the ECM software vendors could promise an out-of-the-box solution to ease most of Employease’s pain points, few of the solutions could be customized to fit the company’s existing infrastructure. “Most vendors had similar systems for scanning and faxing, but e-mail was a major challenge for most of the vendors,” Brown says. “And most vendors required that we change our existing infrastructure and workflow processes to support their solutions. They were trying to steer us towards a more static solution.” Brown says that many vendors estimated that with training and physical roll-out time, it would take at least six months for the solution to be up and running. “That just wasn’t an option for us,” Brown explains. “It was important that the solution could be implemented quickly with minimal down time on our servers and our employees. And we didn’t want to spend a lot of time with training. It had to be easy to use.” TreenoGCM provided Employease with all the features they needed to manage faxes, e-mails, images, and paper documents, without having to migrate to a different operating system or CRM software. Plus it could be implemented quickly and didn’t require physically touching every desktop.
Further, Treeno’s engineers added a customized solution that exceeded the company’s expectations in a vendor solution. “The Treeno system did most of what we needed right out of the box,” Brown says. “But they also went that extra mile by developing a custom plug-in specifically for our e-mail routing needs.” In the end, Brown says, Treeno’s cutting-edge technology and customer-centric philosophy were the reasons for Employease’s decision. “They listened to us, to put it simply,” he says.
With TreenoGCM now implemented things began moving quickly. “The integration experience was better than I expected,” Brown says. “From the initial agreement, through the creation of the custom email plug-in piece, to the installation and training, we were fully up and running in weeks versus months. The actual installation period was only about three days.” Brown says the staff at Employease has responded well to the new system. “It’s been an overwhelmingly positive reception with the employees here,” he says. “The process of bringing on new customers has been made much easier, and we’ve made good headway on transferring existing customers over to the new system.” The integration wasn’t the only thing that was fast: Brown says his employees noticed an almost immediate improvement in workflow performance. “I’d say we cut our search and retrieval process time in half almost right away,” he says. In addition to the 50 percent reduction in the time it takes customer service managers to search for documents, he also noticed a staggering 95 percent reduction in the use of paper. “Our central office once was the home of a huge set of filing cabinets,” he says. “Not only was it inefficient, but the only thing securing it was an old fashioned padlock. With TreenoGCM, we don’t need those giant file cabinets and the information in those files is much more secure.”

To learn more about how Treeno can help your organization, call us at 1-800-528-5005 (U.S. & Canada), 1-603-570-4317 (outside of U.S. and Canada) or visit us on the Web at http://www.treenosoftware.com/
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey Financial Industry! Help Is Here!

Securities brokers, financial planners and other financial services organizations need an easy-to-use yet powerful, integrated content, document and workflow management system that enables them to store, access, manage, and share critical documents across a broad range of functions, departments and locations.

A typical office processes hundreds of physical documents each day including promissory notes, loan agreements, trade confirmations, wealth management documents, and client financial statements. Plus, to comply with SEC and NASD regulations, financial transaction records must remain secure and accessible for several years, placing tremendous strain on office staff responsible for filing, storing and retrieving huge volumes of paper documents. The majority of this information is handled and stored through inefficient manual processes due to the notion that an automated system is costly, disruptive to existing business processes and difficult to use.

Introducing TreenoGCM™

TreenoGCM is an easy-to-use and extremely powerful integrated content, document and workflow management system that enables financial services organizations to capture, organize and share any type of digital or paper-based document within a secure, central repository. System deployment is effortless, document retrieval is instant, integration with existing applications is seamless and the Treeno system can scale to support as few or as many users as your organization requires.

Treeno empowers financial services organizations to improve client satisfaction through streamlined operations, improved efficiency, reduced costs and simplified audit preparation.

Transform your organization without disruption

Deploying and operating a content management system should be as simple and effortless as using familiar line-of-business applications while existing workflow processes remain intact.

TreenoGCM’s powerful and robust feature set, in conjunction with integrated collaboration and business process management capabilities will enable your organization to improve operational efficiency and productivity without changing the way your employees do business.

TreenoGCM integrates with legacy systems such as core processing, cash management, loan origination, call center, portfolio accounting, ERP and CRM solutions, delivering a single point of access to information and workflow across your financial enterprise, even with the most complex, multi-site network.

Simplify regulatory compliance

Reduce the audit preparation process from weeks of tedious work down to hours using Treeno’s powerful system.

Financial services organizations are constantly under the gun when it comes to staying current with regulatory compliance processes. The first step towards ensuring compliance with security requirements including Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, FFIEC, California SB 1386, and Sarbanes-Oxley is the increased control and visibility of your documents. In addition, certain regulatory bodies require that documents are purged according to a specific schedule when they arrive to conduct their periodic examinations. The demand is for a system that will integrate with existing business processes for tracking and managing digital and paper-based content across all enterprise wide systems—in real time.

TreenoGCM simplifies the regulatory compliance and audit preparation process for financial services organizations by storing, capturing, organizing and sharing necessary and appropriate documents in a centralized, secure repository, while automated business process management capabilities streamline information access, tracking and reporting.

Ensure document integrity and security

The ability to track and control sensitive information using a centralized repository and clear audit trail is paramount for financial services organizations. TreenoGCM includes comprehensive audit trail capabilities, including task date and time stamp, task originator, task description and related document activities. Treeno customers can virtually eliminate any possibility that documents stored in their system will be altered without detection, ensuring undisputed authenticity of records. And integrated notification capabilities inform users when relevant content within the repository is updated. Disaster recovery is also greatly improved, as items previously managed via fax, mail and other paper means are now stored in the Treeno repository server. With TreenoGCM, documents of all types can be backed up in a secure fashion and protected from theft, accidental loss or destruction.

To learn more about how Treeno can help your organization, call us at 1-800-528-5005 (U.S. & Canada), 1-603-570-4317 (outside of U.S. and Canada) or visit us on the Web at http://www.treenosoftware.com/
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