Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Treeno Import Automation

Treeno Import Automation

Treeno has the ability to setup hotfolders on the network to help clients auto import electronic documents like Faxes, Save files to network shares (from multi function devices) and from Server Applications like Dynamics, Peoplesoft and many others. To do this Treeno has a feature in our File Monitor tool called "Extra Monitors". With the Extra Monitors feature you can setup as many hot folders as you want using our routing numbers from out Barcode sheets to determine where to put the files.

Types of barcodes that are useful to use with Extra Monitors are:
1. User Barcodes - Settings->User Functions->Print User Barcodes
2. Indexing Barcodes - Settings->Cabinet Functions->Indexing
3. Workflow Barcodes - Settings->Workflow Settings->Workflow Barcodes

User Barcodes are useful when you want users to be able to scan items into their own inboxes from scan stations or multi function copier/scanners. This allows users to still receive paperwork and then scan it in when they are done processing it. Or the mail room can just scan to predetermined folders on the network to deliver mail to end users.

Indexing Barcodes are useful when you want to scan in batches of documents at a time to be prepped for indexing. Each file that goes into this folder will be a file to index away in Treeno indexing. When doing scanning it is much more efficient to scan all items then once scanning is complete move on and index them away versus scanning then indexing one document away.

Workflow Barcodes are great when you want events to trigger assignment of workflows. Things this can be used for are Faxes, Email filters (auto save certain emails to the network). This barcode creates a new folder for each item that is placed in it and assigns it to workflow. If used with the workflow feature "Workflow Owner" it would be possible to use the same workflow, have multiple Extra Monitors, to assign items to different users to load balance the work.

A major part of import automation is utilizing the File Monitor. Treeno does have the ability to import emails and email attachements into Treeno as well using a script called the pop3Bot. This tool can put emails or email attachments into three locations: User Inboxes, Indexing, or workflow. Treeno does have to set this up as it runs on the Treeno server. To do this please give Treeno a call and place an order for 2-3 hours of PS work for the first email address and 1 hour per email address after the first one.