Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rockin’ It With Steve

At age 58 Steve Tentindo, Co-CEO and EVP of Sales and Operation for Treeno Software, is one of the most active people I have ever met. Between hiking, gardening and taking a woodworking class he has developed a talent for beautiful art made of rocks.

Steve tells us his passion started as a teenager. He would collect pieces of driftwood, many that were from the wooden piers common in those days. Simply designed coffee tables were made out of plank type driftwood he would find. As he mastered the use of power tools and various techniques he was able to make his creations more sophisticated. At some point Steve thoughts turned to stone, literally. A collection of rocks became his muse. The use of stone and metal was giving his craft a new focus. Combining his work with metal, driftwood and rock he began to make what he calls Yard Art. These are large pieces that can be used in gardens as focal points on the woods edge or to fill a void in a yard. Steve intends to learn to weld which will open up a whole new world of creativity. “The ability to bend and shape metal and incorporate wood and stone is a very exciting opportunity for me.” says Steve, “My greatest satisfaction in creating these primitive works of art is giving them to someone who would enjoy having one.”

Of course renderings or plans of Steve Tentindo’s art are stored electronically in Treeno Software’s ECM. Give him a call and he’ll tell you all about it. 1-800-528-5005 (U.S. & Canada), 1-603-570-4317 (outside of U.S. and Canada) or visit on the Web at http://www.treenosoftware.com/
951 Islington Street Portsmouth, NH 03801 800.528.5005
solutions@treenosoftware.com http://www.treenosoftware.com/

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Workflow Reports in Treeno

Now that you have created and are using Treeno Workflow let us show you how easy it is to generate reports. Treeno provides you with four standard reports found in Settings under Reports:
• Average Time To Process
• Total # of Workflows
• Individual Workflows
• Work in Progress

Average Time To Process
The average time to process report allows the administrator to report on specific completed workflows. This report will report on the total time to process each workflow of a particular type for a specific start date and can be sorted by Total Time or Start Date. The result will show total process time for each item, the start time, end time, status, username, node name, cabinet, and folder information. Just enter a date, choose the workflow and click on Generate Report.

The results are output into a format that can be opened by Microsoft Excel to be used to create charts and graphs as well and calculating averages, standard deviations and other analysis to enhance the productivity of your team.

Total Number Of Workflows
The total number of workflows will give the administrator a holistic view of all the documents that were initiated for the defined period of time. This is broken out by workflows on the system. Just enter the desire rage of dates and click on Generate Report.

Workflows started from March 1, 2006 to March 8, 2010
Workflow: Purchase Requisition
Total: 47
Workflow: Applicant review
Total: 43
Workflow: Title Process
Total: 2
Workflow: Ticket
Total: 0
Workflow: Cooley
Total: 5812
Workflow: Audit Approval
Total: 12

Individual Workflow Report
The administrator has the ability to report on an individual for the defined period of time. This tool will provide the administrator a view into how many documents the user has processed. This reports on the action performed, the date and time of the action, the node name, any notes added, and the specific cabinet and folder the workflow was assigned for the user for the specified period. Just choose the user and select the date range.

Work In Progress
This report defines work that is in progress per named workflow. It will name the total time documents have resided in queue and amount of time that has elapsed since the node has been notified. It will define the status of the workflow and which nodes currently possess the action. This report will identify the following: total time, start time, current time, total time since last notification, last notification, status, user name, node name, cabinet and folder information. Enter the date, desired sort and Workflow.

Additional Features
One additional reporting feature is found in Settings under Workflow. This is View Workflow History. Every item in the workflow is audited and recorded. The history of a document is also maintained at the folder view while the workflow is in process or completed. Treeno audits on the following workflow criteria. This workflow history search tool allows the organization to create their custom reports. Enter as little or as much information as you desire to narrow or broaden your report.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Treeno Software Helps Insurance Agency Save $3000-5000 A Month

Clark-Mortenson Agency is one of the largest independently owned insurance and financial services agencies in Northern New England with eight locations. The bulk of its clients are based in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. Business account specialties include commercial property, general liability, worker's compensation, Benefits Plus worksite market program, bonds and employee benefits. As Clark-Mortenson expanded its offices and operations from its Keene, New Hampshire hub, it faced an efficiency problem. “As we expanded our agency, we needed a method that would allow our enterprise-wide employees to locate and manage specific files in real-time,” says Dee Belanger, accounting manager at Clark-Mortenson Agency. “We needed to avoid the time sink of having our employees physically call from one office to another just to locate documents. We used to spend a tremendous amount of time filing and managing paper documents,” says Belanger. “And, the lack of a central information repository and enterprise-wide access to that information was hindering our employee’s ability to effectively service our valued clients.” With both paper and electronic documents scattered throughout eight offices, sometimes just finding a document was a challenge. “In many instances, we needed to search for documents in multiple locations,” Belanger says. “And when a client called in, we would tell them that we needed to call them back with the information. The entire process was a challenge to our operational efficiency and it was costing our company money.”

What Clark-Mortenson needed was to implement an electronic content and document management system that would allow registered users to quickly locate and share timely information regardless of their geographic location. But they were unsure where to begin. “We looked at a wide variety of document and image management systems but they all forced us to change our existing workflow process which would be disruptive and expensive.” says Belanger. “Our primary criterion for choosing a system was that it had to be easy-to-use, fast-to-learn, and it needed to integrate with our current mainstay applications with little disruption to our employees.” Clark-Mortenson chose TreenoCGM. TreenoGCM is an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful global content management system that empowers insurance companies of all types and sizes to improve their operational efficiency by capturing, organizing and sharing any type of digital or paper-based document within a secure, central repository. Unlike many other content/document management solutions, TreenoGCM integrated with current administration, audit and compliance environments. It also integrated with the agency’s existing business software including Sagitta Agency Management System. Since implementing TreenoGCM, the New England insurance company has reduced its annual document retrieval and filing time by over twenty four-hundred person hours which represents a $3,000-$5,000 per month cost savings. This new found time has enabled Clark-Mortenson employees to concentrate on what they do best—servicing customers. “We no longer focus on paper and where it goes, but instead on our clients specific needs.” According to Belanger, customer service representatives now offer to send electronic documents to clients via email. “This new feature has become a key differentiator for us and has been well received by our customers,” says Belanger. Belanger says that people throughout Clark-Mortenson credit the TreenoGCM system as an integral part of meeting the company’s strategic goals. “I’ve been very happy, but the true test was with our own salespeople,” she says. The implementation passed the “hard-to-please” salesperson test with flying colors. “Treeno worked with us each step of the way, and personalized the system to meet our specific needs,” says Belanger. “Over the years we’ve instituted several technological advancements in our agency to support our mission of being our client's trusted advisor and hands down, the Treeno system was the easiest to institute. Training time takes less than a half-hour, system usage is simple and Treeno’s support staff is world-class.”

To learn more about how Treeno can help your organization, call us at 1-800-528-5005 (U.S. & Canada), 1-603-570-4317 (outside of U.S. and Canada) or visit us on the Web at www.treenosoftware.com
951 Islington Street Portsmouth, NH 03801 800.528.5005
solutions@treenosoftware.com www.treenosoftware.com