Thursday, September 15, 2011

Document Management Without Integration is Only Half of the Solution

Document management without integration is only half of the solution. What this statement implies is that the need for a document management solution is frequently driven by the volume of documents required for a given business process. The business process usually includes the use of another existing business application such as accounting, ERP, CRM or even a homegrown industry specific app. The goal of the document management system is to better manage all the documents associated with the entire business process.

The integration of the existing business application with a document management system like Treeno Document Management creates one seamless application that makes it easier for the end user to perform their daily tasks. The integration avoids making the end user learn a new application and having to work with both applications independently. The results are rapid adoption by the end user community, increased productivity and a rapid Return-on- Investment (ROI).

An example is an accounting department. An Accounts Payable department employee receives a call from a vendor with a question about an invoice. The AP employee opens the accounting or ERP application to the screen containing the invoice and vendor information. In order to see the invoice in question the accounting employee simply clicks the “Search” button which brings the invoice up on their computer screen. The integrated solution provides one click document or file indexing, storage and retrieval.

So as you plan and execute your document management project consider the benefits of integration because when Treeno end users understand how they will benefit from an integrated document management solution their response is, “That is exactly what we are looking for.”

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