Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Professional Services

One of the benefits of recommending the Treeno solution is the ability to extend the software using the Treeno Software Development Kit (SDK). Treeno integrators help their clients automating business processes such as auto importing faxes, auto publishing and external work flow triggers. Building out automation for your client can also create a more complete customized solution for future clients. With the scripts already written you can re purpose it at no additional costs and extend your capabilities when competing with other document management vendors and solution providers.

Some examples of process automation are:

  • Auto Fax Import (with work flow assignment)
  • Email Popping (with optional work flow assignment)
  • Forms Data Import (Kofax, ABBY, Reform, FormStorm, Adobe Forms)
  • Drag and Drop Hot Folders
  • Outlook Work Flow Integration
  • Conversions of other document management products (Some may have a small document management component): Documentum, Docstar, Lumtron, Kovis, Ecabinet, Doc Box, TAM, AfW, CBD Doc...etc
  • Auto Folder Creation from data feed (HL7 Medical Records, CRM Data, ERP Data...etc), Outlook Public Folders
  • Data Synchronization
All these are examples of process automation tools. Treeno can provide knowledge and sample code on how to complete variations of these tools.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

PDF Forms Submission

Our latest product to come out of development is a PDF Forms Submission feature that allows the programming of a submit button to submit PDFs directly to our document management system and optionally start a work flow to notify individuals or groups of users that the form has been submitted. The PDF Forms Submission feature also simplifies how business clients can submit information without having to go to a portal and upload a document. This process is easier to maintain for the end users and the business that provides these self submitting PDFs.

While creating the PDF the hidden labels can also fill in meta data in the Treeno repository if the labels match our cabinet index fields. This also reduces the time it takes for employees to search and retrieve submitted forms. If you are already familiar with creating PDF forms you will only have to keep in mind three simple things:
1. Create a submit button when finished (Treeno will provide the Javascript code)
2. Have the hidden fields associated with the cabinet fields in Treeno
3. Create 1 additional hidden field and assign a barcode number (routing number) to the entire document.

With this done companies can pass out PDF forms to clients through a website or through email. We have found the PDF Forms Submission feature useful for Sales Orders, Pay Roll uploads, Order Submissions. Since our software for hosted and in house is identical this feature is available to all our clients on our SAAS server and clients with our Business or Enterprise software.