Friday, November 4, 2011

A Big Tip for Restaurants

Restaurant chains and management groups are searching for proven ways to automate the paper-intensive accounts payable management process. They’re looking for greater efficiency, cost reductions and maximum per unit profitability.

There are challenges:
• The restaurant units may be geographically distributed.
• Purchasing is performed by the restaurant manager at the unit level.
• Invoices are delivered to the local restaurant.
• A.P. is centralized at the corporate headquarters.

It’s also important that systems be simple and fast at each restaurant’s location. We know managers have time constraints and, oftentimes, basic computer and scanning equipment.

Get a document management system that automates the constant flow of AP paperwork. One that is flexible enough to handle email attachments, digital fax copies and paper scans. Depending on your corporate IT preferences, it should be able operate on a local server or as a cloud solution.

Here’s your big tip: The Treeno Document Management system is designed for all that and more. We know the challenges restaurant groups face. And there are a lot of them who will confirm how easy we make it.

So, if you are facing piles of invoices and looking to streamline your restaurants’ operations, consider the benefits of AP process automation with Treeno.

Surely, that tip’s worth more than 20%.