Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Case Study: Title Companies

Accurate Title has been providing real estate closing and title services to lenders, buyers, sellers and realtors throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine since 1984. The company began to feel the pressure of increased customer demand for immediate access to business-critical information.

“We obtain closing documents from lenders around the country; prepare them for the closing to meet individual guidelines, we search titles, research mortgages, taxes--all the specifics to do with a piece of property,” said Susan Contos, general manager of Accurate Title. “Essentially, the problem was paper overload. With each purchase transaction of real estate that we handle, 100-250 pieces of paper are generated and stored in our office. We were trying to keep two year’s files on site and 10 years off site.” Literally overwhelmed with active and archival files, Accurate Title needed to find a better way to manage its documents and to better serve its clients.

Staff acceptance was another priority. Not everyone in the company was anxious to implement an unfamiliar technological solution. New systems typically spell disruption, exhaustive training efforts, and ultimately lost productivity due to slow ramp up time. In order to ensure company-wide acceptance, whatever solution Accurate Title chose needed to allow them to continue to work within existing closing software applications and it needed to be easy to learn and use.

The staff at Accurate Title became intrigued by the Treeno system because it could easily integrate with the company’s existing business document closing application and other line of business tools. Changing the way that the NH-based company was accustomed to working was not an option.

Accurate Title implemented the TreenoGCM system in May 2004, and the initial implementation took only two days, which including training. “Our content/document management system is highly secure and extremely feature rich and it's completely Web-based, there's no client software to install on each desktop, and when we add new features, the software gets immediately updated,” said Will Thibodeau, CTO of Treeno. To minimize the internal learning-curve of a new system, Accurate Title appointed a staff member as the liaison between Treeno and the company’s internal workgroups, which quickly improved communication and streamlined the implementation process. “We communicated with Treeno on a day-to-day basis during the implementation, and within 24-hours, the system was almost completely functional,” Contos said. “It’s an easy system to use and Treeno worked very hard to integrate the system into our existing way of doing business. They did not try to change the way in which we were accustomed to working which was a huge factor in our decision to partner with them on this project.”

Today, Accurate Title employees and customers are reaping the rewards of TreenoGCM in a variety of tangible ways. Contos has seen a marked improvement in workflow since the Treeno implementation. Internal processes that once required hours and literally hundreds of pieces of paper are now reduced to a handful of easy steps. Additionally, Accurate Title’s new-found ability to access company files from anywhere and at any time has enabled the company to expand its business. Since deploying Treeno, Accurate Title has opened branch offices in Portsmouth and Meredith, NH, and access to information is instantly available to team members and clients located in remote locations. “With our new system in place, we can process important files and email them versus mailing or delivering them which is a tremendous operational efficiency improvement,” Contos said. Accurate Title gives clients the option of receiving a digital copy of their file, rather than leaving the office carrying pounds of paper. “We will continually find new and productive ways to utilize the Treeno system,” Contos said. “I feel as though it has made us much more efficient and technologically innovative. We are ahead of the curve with content and document management. The implementation was very quick, the internal training effort was minimal and the integration with our existing applications was seamless. Now we can focus on extending its benefits.”

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