Tuesday, February 2, 2010

30 Years of Wishing fo the Paperless Office

It had been several hours since I had seen the light of day. My final computer science project was now complete on a stack of nearly 1000 cards. I just needed to keep them safe and orderly until I could reach the system administrator and turn it in. Not fifty feet from the door I was bump, the stack went to the floor, the precious rubber band broke and cards went flying down the hall. It would take hours to gather and put the cards back in order. When will we live in a paperless world?

30+ years later, welcome to my paperless office. Gone is that stack of cards, now I can type directly into my computer. I can drag and drop my content directly into my content management system. I’ve cleared a whole office of file cabinets. I now have control over all my documents and file types including scanned files, Microsoft Office documents, emails, faxes, as well as rich media files such as video and audio files. I can retrieve or view them from any internet device. I can easily create workflows, increasing efficiency and reporting capabilities.

2010 is a great year for content management and this blog will give you case studies, tips & tricks, advice and will take you into the secret life of Treeno Software, a proven leader in enterprise content management (ECM).

Need a solution? These industries are already in love with Treeno:
• Energy
• Financial Services
• Healthcare
• Higher Education
• Insurance
• Legal
• Government
• K-12 School Districts
• Manufacturing
• Real Estate

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Fred Abaroa

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