Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Outlook Email Drag and Drop to the Treeno Integrator Tool

Treeno allows a user to store email documents within a folder. An example of this is when a user will store all emails specific to a client or vendor to the folder within Treeno. When storing an email at the client level as an email document type, the user will be able to have each email automatically tagged by the mailed to, mailed from, subject, date, cc, and bcc with a fillable field(s) for further description. When searching within a folder, Treeno offers a powerful filtering and sorting tool to expedite the retrieval process.

The benefit of storing emails at a central repository is to reduce the siloed business content and mitigate the risk of missing information. It also reduces overhead associated with moving, backing up and storing multiple versions of the same email in multiple accounts. Treeno can mitigate risk, reduce overhead associated with the forwarding of information as well as reduce your email storage overhead.

How to bring an email into Treeno by dragging and dropping to the Treeno Integrator Tool:

1. User will drag the highlighted email to the index button on the Treeno Integration Tool

When Treeno has integrated to a line of business application the integrated folder will automatically be retrieved. User can either drop to the integrated folder or choose another cabinet and folder. Selected folder is highlighted. User can search for an existing or create a new folder if needed.

2. When the user adds the email document type, the file will automatically be populated by the mailed to, mailed from, Subject, date, cc, bcc.

3. User fills in the definable field(s) if appropriate and clicks the above add button to add the document with the folder

4. The user will click on the check-in button and the file will be automatically copied into the desired folder.

Treeno Outlook Check-in
Users can check in a single email or multiple emails into an email cabinet where they can be saved automatically by the mailed to, mailed from, subject, cc, and bcc. User definable fields can also be added. When bringing in multiple emails at the same time, the user definable field will be populated across all copies automatically.

1. The user selects the email or emails

2. User selects the email cabinet

3. User identifies descriptive field if appropriate

4. Treeno automatically populates the grayed in values

5. User selects check- to automatically copy or move the email

Email stored in email cabinet by the description field(s), mailed to, mailed from, subject, date, cc, and bcc.

User can query on any of these values to retrieve the copy of the email file.

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