Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey IT Directors! Want To Avoid That Queezy Feeling?

As a former IT director certain questions would make me wonder if I were implementing the software solutions my company needed. Answer the following questions and if you begin to feel a little queezy its time to consider a content management solution.

1. How often is a document created for just the author’s to use?
2. Can each member of your organization quickly find and access documents created by any other member? Yes No
3. If not, how long does a document search take?
4. How often does your staff engage in document searches?
5. Are key documents ever misplaced or lost? Yes No
What happens?
6. Do you have a document repository or central storage location? Yes No
7. Do you have a single point of access to your document repository so that a single query will find all required documents regardless of location, format, and application? Yes No
8. Can you control who can see a document? What parts? Who can edit documents? Who can delete documents? Yes No
9. Are you subject to government regulation or audit? Yes No
10. Is compliance or security of your documents a concern for you? Yes No
11. Do you have a detailed audit trail of every action taken by every user on your system with respect to every document in your repository? Yes No
12. Does anyone ever need to securely access documents from outside the organization?
Yes No
13. Is there ever any question as to which copy of a document is the original version? Yes No
14. Do you know what files are obsolete? Yes No
15. Do obsolete files consume space and requiring nightly backup? Yes No
16. Are documents consistently labeled and stored? Yes No
17. Is your customer’s or client’s name easily associated with a file name? Yes No
18. Can you call up a list of documents and easily understand the nature of each document?
Yes No
19. Can you quickly create a list of documents related to a specific subject or author? Yes No
20. Can you quickly locate any document by a single word or phrase? Yes No
21. Can you easily gather together documents that are physically dispersed throughout your network or organization? Yes No
22. Have people ever taken the same document home over night, only to cancel out each others' changes on the next morning? Yes No
23. Do you have business processes that are frequently repeated? Yes No
24. Are copies of your paper files kept on site or in another safe and secure location? Yes No
25. Has anyone ever promised to email a copy of a document to you and you never received it? Yes No

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