Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rockin’ It With Steve

At age 58 Steve Tentindo, Co-CEO and EVP of Sales and Operation for Treeno Software, is one of the most active people I have ever met. Between hiking, gardening and taking a woodworking class he has developed a talent for beautiful art made of rocks.

Steve tells us his passion started as a teenager. He would collect pieces of driftwood, many that were from the wooden piers common in those days. Simply designed coffee tables were made out of plank type driftwood he would find. As he mastered the use of power tools and various techniques he was able to make his creations more sophisticated. At some point Steve thoughts turned to stone, literally. A collection of rocks became his muse. The use of stone and metal was giving his craft a new focus. Combining his work with metal, driftwood and rock he began to make what he calls Yard Art. These are large pieces that can be used in gardens as focal points on the woods edge or to fill a void in a yard. Steve intends to learn to weld which will open up a whole new world of creativity. “The ability to bend and shape metal and incorporate wood and stone is a very exciting opportunity for me.” says Steve, “My greatest satisfaction in creating these primitive works of art is giving them to someone who would enjoy having one.”

Of course renderings or plans of Steve Tentindo’s art are stored electronically in Treeno Software’s ECM. Give him a call and he’ll tell you all about it. 1-800-528-5005 (U.S. & Canada), 1-603-570-4317 (outside of U.S. and Canada) or visit on the Web at http://www.treenosoftware.com/
951 Islington Street Portsmouth, NH 03801 800.528.5005
solutions@treenosoftware.com http://www.treenosoftware.com/

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